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 The Book: ​The Bible, Prehistory, and Evolution: ...Toward a Better Understanding

Book 1  Concepts to Consider

              Table of Contents


               Chapter 1  The Mystery of Life and Necessity for a Valid Faith

Book 2  Chapter 2  A Rational Christian Faith in a Scientific Age

Book 3​  Chapter 3  The Case Against Bible Infalibility and Fundamentalism  

Book 4  ​Chapter 4  Genesis 1-11 In Light of the Physical Evidence 

Book 5  ​Chapter 5  The Biblical Exodus:  A Historic, Non-fundamentalist View

Book 6  Chapter 6  Two Billion Years of Earth History in Context


Book 7  Chapter 7  How Life on Earth Has Changed Thru Time

Book 8  Chapter 8  The Case for Intelligently Driven Changes in Life Forms

Book 9  Chapter 9  The Deep History of Hominins

Book 10  Chapter 10  Two and a Half Million Years of Archaeology

Book 11  Concluding Summary

THE QUESTION OF ULTIMATE REALITY...   Is something that is critical to every thinking human being.  The answer structures faith, character, morality, and behavior.  One's goals.and purpose in life are controlled by the internalized conclusions to this question, no matter how clearly or how poorly they have been reasoned.